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LPG Liftmassage
LPG Alakformálás
LPG alakformálás

For Her:

Decide where you want to lose and slim your localized fatty areas.

Born from Endermologie, offers a scientifically proven solution for localized fat, cellulite, skin sagging counturs. After 6 session, it is possible to lose kgs with spectacular results. Slim, Sculp, Firm.

LPG Alakformálás

For Him:

LPG can be used for:
- Localized fat
- Llove handles
- Potbelly stomach
- Double chin
- Undefined pectoral muscles.

Lippomassage effectively fights trapped fat, even when the stictest diets and the most rigorous exercise regiments have failed.

Effects of the treatment:
LPG Alakformálás

LPG Endermogym LipoIsolation rubber band:
LPG Alakformálás

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